Kildare village

If your staying in Ireland this summer Kildare village should be on your list of places to visit.

You can enjoy designer shopping for up to 60% off, Home to many luxury fashion stores.

when you arrive at the village you can call at the tourist information spot and pick up a map of the village to help you navagate the shops.

Or if your like me you can just get a picture in the stunning setting.

I really enjoyed my visit the shops offered great discounts you would not get anywhere else. There was also lovely restaurants, cafes and some quirky little pop ups selling ice creams and drinks.

The shops I purchased in where Levi’s unbelievable discounts in here I bought some T-shirt’s and a few other bits.

katespade I thought the prices in here again were fab.

All saints was my biggest purchase such a great discount on my boots I was delighted with them.

lulu Guinness was another favourite of mine and again amazing discounts.

Superdry for my husband he is not a fan of shops but was very impressed with the village and delighted with his purchases.

I have to give the flower walls a mention they just showcase the most beautiful backdrop. And the visual flower displays around the village are just breath taking making it all the more pleasurable to explore.

I definitely think Kildare village is a place to visit, I am already planning my next visit and I can’t wait.


Marriage games

D7D7991D-6613-42CE-89D8-E0FB43746524The first thing I noticed about this game was the high quality beautiful brightly coloured packaging and the quirky illustrations which I just loved,they were so fun. And the game in its self is also hilarious. We played as a couple but this could also be played with friends. It can be played by 2 or up to 8 people

The game it’s self is made up of mini games which helps you score points and there so much fun.

you have charades, associations, the what am I talking about, which is just hilarious and we had to move on because we laughed so much we were getting no where. Which also means I won that round (lol). Then we moved on to the we know each other round. I think this was my favourite round we know each other pretty well at this stage.

I have to say I really enjoyed playing this game I thought it was somthing different and lots of fun and I would highly recommend it I will definitely play this again and I hoping to play it with friends very soon


So last week I was invited into kular on ferryquay street to do an Instagram takeover and play dress up. I had so much  fun, and I was surprised how many nice things they had to offer.

The first outfit I choose was some Levi’s jeans and a t-shirt and long jacket and beautiful handbag. There range from Levi’s is pretty impressive I love T-shirt’s and they had a great selection, and great price at £25. They also had an amazing denim jacket that I Need in my life.

I have to say I fell in love with there handbag collection all designer dupes  and great prices ranging £20 – £30

There was a lot more in store and definitely worth checking out.

They also stock a lot of big brands like boss and guess I had to try on a few whilst I was there sure it would have been rude not to.


We then took a walk up the the next floor which is filled with footwear from converse to vans, heels, sandles and beautiful boots. I fell head over heels in love with a pair of black Ted Baker boots I can’t stop thinking about them they were amazing. But also the fabulous range of colours they have in the converse was incredible, not to mention the sandle collection.


I will definitely e poping in again next time I’m out shopping.

Thanks so much to kular for inviting me in you all made me feel so welcome your staff are so warm and welcoming and as always working with Erin is such a pleasure so talented and professional and always makes me feel at easy.








It was my first time visiting Dubai and to say I was totally blown away would be an understatement, it’s like no where else on this earth a complete luxury paradise, it’s spotless clean and everything is so impressive my camera never stopped.


The currency they use is called dirhams and it’s equally to 4 times our currency, it takes a bit of getting used to.


Everything is very expensive to be honest but it’s still affordable.

We stayed in the Wyndham hotel at the marina. I have to say the level of customer service is out of this world they can’t do enough for you. The hotel itself is in a great location, it’s near the marina, 5 minutes from the metro station and close to the local supermarket, extremely clean with impressive features, the pool area was gorgeous and the food was delicious. The hotel left bowls of green apples in the lobby everyday for the residents.

The metro system is very easy to navigate but local taxis are very resonable also, so it’s up to yourself how you want to get around. But take care on the metro as there are laws you must abide by like no eating or drinking,  and there are carriages for women and children only which we accidently sat in. there is a penalty for this however I don’t think they are as strict as you are led to believe before visiting Dubai.

Dubai marina

Is a stunning residential neighborhood know for the impressive architecture and the beach at jbr, a lesuire complex with all al fresco dining, which has the most beautiful cafes, bars, and restaurants and a stunning walk way along the marina. We spent a lot of our spare time down here. One night we hired a yatch for the evening the interiors alone were incredible, featuring a bedroom a bathroom a small kitchen, lounge area, a sun deck, this for me was one of the most incredible things I have ever done we were taken on a private tour and we were served drinks and refreshments a definite must if you are visiting Dubai.

But honestly there is just so much to do.

miracle gardens

The miracle gardens are the only gardens of its kind in the world they hold a Guinness world record they are so unique with an impressive display of flowers like nothing you have ever seen so stunning and totally worth a visit they will not disappoint.

Dubai Mall

The largest shopping mall in the world I could so write a book about this day. Everything you can imagine under one roof shops from high street to designer an underwater zoo,a fountain, a ski slope, loads of beautiful places to eat. It is way more expensive to shop but if you want my advice you only live once so buy the bag I did well liam did yay!!!!

Dubai fountains and the Burj Khalifa

dubai fountains are so impressive another must see if your going to Dubai it’s once again the largest in the world of its kind, a choreographed fountain system set on a 30acre lake I was speechless it was the most mesmerizing magical thing I have ever seen.and they are right beside the Burj Khalifa which is the tallest building in the world at a spectacular 160 story’s high.

JBR beach

hands down the best beach I have ever been to offering

camel rides, water sports, parasailing, and loads more it’s lined with shops, bars, restaurants, cafes, ice cream shops, I can’t begin to describe the luxury of this beach another experience on a different level.

What I was wearing

I did struggle to pack for Dubai reading on the guidelines on covering up etc. But once I was there it was fine, it’s not Spain you will not see girls in bikinis with sarongs walking about they wouldn’t find it acceptable but I think as long as your respectable it totally fine I had no issues at all I did take jackets out at night however I did not feel the need to wear them here is a few pictures below of what I wore.

Being petite


Wearing Adidas on stage a few months ago totally freaked me out, walking past models and girls in heels I was totally out of my comfort zone. I’m never out of heels, I wear them everyday.

Being petite actually represents 70% of women. Can you believe that? I know I can’t. I often have felt very disadvantaged being 5ft but I am learning to love what I have got because life is for living.

Petite is defined as under 5ft 5 which at 5ft I certainly am petite.

I often feel that there is a negative image connected with my size regarding beauty and intelligence, without ranting I do feel it’s connected with media you would never see a 5ft petite model even modeling the petite ranges somthing I would love to see changed I mean we have plus models why not petite right ??

Being petite can bring a lot of patronizing attitudes like your height means your not capable and one thing I personally hate is to be underestimated.

As a petite blogger I don’t find it hard to get clothes I buy what I like if it needs altered it gets altered and that’s it I do love petite ranges tho and my fav is topshop there jeans are the only ones I wear the fit it perfect and so is the length but they sell very fast never enough stock Asos is also pretty good fit as is riverisland there is a few I don’t like but I won’t mention them.

Its not all bad tho there is a good few positives

less legs to shave

people think your younger always great when your getting older ha

you can wear heels anywhere and not look out of place

you can steal your kids clothes

So short girls we too can rule the world and don’t ever forget it it time to learn to love what you got and enjoy your life.

Flawless makeup

A make up look i created using the flawless_irl smoky palette.

The smoky palette is destined to be my favourite it gives a dramatic smoky sexy eyelook, sure what more could you want. Also  the pigment is insane a little goes a long way perfection if you ask me.

 854B2250-FC2B-4363-ABF0-5E1B8285B1D0The georgous brushes come in a 15 piece set covering your whole face. Encased in a beautiful pouch for only €49.95 I think they are amazing value and great tools for any makeup lover I was so impressed with them I loved them. 

The contour palette

will sculpt and enhance your face. It has a lovely creamy consistency and there is also powder to set your face

The beauty blender almost doubled in size once I wet it which is always a good sign it was great to use another perfect product giving me a flawless finish

Natural basic palette

I find myself lifting this every day it’s so soft and natural, and just perfect for everyday looks. Again the colour pay off is amazing I can’t fault it at all.

conscience clear tan

This is a luxury organic tan the one and only type of tan that is actually good for your body. I loved the richness of the colour I tried shade dark and I absolutely loved it.

Its a liquid tan its easy to apply, drys fast there is a guide colour which helps when applying. I found that when I showered in the morning I didn’t seem to lose any colour which is a massive bonus because there is nothing worse than watching your golden glow go down the plug hole. The wear off is very even and it didn’t dry out my skin which I love. I have been using this tan for over a month now and It has become my absolute favourite It the one I want to lift every time I’m tanning.

The lads at roco have designed and manufactured this locally in Ireland. conscience clear tan is vegan friendly, free from toxins, parabens, harsh chemicals and has been developed with carbon neutral ingredients. And if thats not impressive enough it looks unreal.

I have also used this tan on my face now thats a first for me, I never apply tan even a spray tan to my face. I don’t like the look or how my skin feels but after reading up I was assured this was perfect for the face and I have to agree it was flawless.

Autumn boots & styles

Sock boots

Putting your best foot forward when it comes to autumnal dressing.  Switch up your annual boot choice, and opt for a Balenciaga inspired sock boot. In an array of colour bold & bright.


orange sock boots boohoo, nude Riverisland (old), red boohoo, green Topshop

Flower power

Or try some fabulous florals for autumn it doesn’t matter if you go ditsy, retro, arty or even sock, block, or high heeled these beauties are sure to put some power in you step.


purple floral asos, black floral Asos, black biker floral Zara

Glatic girl

Or my personal favourite the mirror mirror  boots when a boot is so good it looks like its from another planet you know your on to a winner. plus if you need to apply your lipstick you always have your boots.

silver zara, pewter topshop, gold topshop

Biker babe

Add a little update to your trusty bikers giving you some serious credibility with details such as pearls buckles textures and florals.


Both Topshop

Knee highs

We can’t forget about the trusty old knee highs. A classic you should always invest in they come back every year without fail.  This year thankfully they all seem ruched, stretchy or wider tops so no calfs ruining our knee high boot slay.

All Topshop (anyone want to buy me the last pair feel free so in love)

Bow details

The bow detail ankle boot so dreamy they look like a little present for you feet

green boots ted baker, red asos, pink topshop.

The western boot

Another fav of mine (ok just kidding i love them all just depends on my vibe)

western was all over the catwalk and gucci is one I watch closely I get so much inspo from the gucci collections especially colours  for my own outfits. I love there use of colour. Anyway I will most likely never own any gucci. But the western boot is a very easy trend to jump on studs,tassels, and buckles all you need to do is add denim and your good to go.

White Topshop, tan pretty little thing, black Asos, nude river island, black Topshop (old)

Velvet luxe

The velvet luxe boot personally tried and tested by me. You put these beauties on and you’re guaranteed to be ask where they’re from a lot, They scream luxe and will update your boot game for sure.


pink miss selfridge, blue newlook

The over knees

Saved the best for last, I say if you gona do it ‘own it’ go for bright shades wear with a shirt dress and coat, the boots are body con enough. And you can thank me later.


purple asos, red Topshop, pink Asos

Thanks for reading xx

My Favourite style of bag and why I love It

Cross body bags 


Take your bag hands-free with a cross body style for instant cool, during the day or out at night. This gem of a bag is a match made in heaven for any outfit.

There is so many to choose that you are sure to find one that will have you slayin allll day errr day.

I have so many in all different shapes sizes colours and textures but for autumn I wanted something  medium sized, leather look with gold hard wear. so I choose a tan accessorize one. The bag has a circle attached to the front that you can also use as a handle and detach the strap which I just love as it has very chloe inspired feel to it. Its rounded in shape like a satchel with gold stud detail and flap closure with a magnetic clasp. pretty perfect if you ask me.


Here are a few more you also might like links are attached to pics



Top pic trousers are stradavarius (new in)

T-shirt Stradavarius (new in) 

new look coat (new in)

shoes new look few months ago

bag Accessories bought in store