Re wearing


So after chatting on Instagram to a few different girls it got me thinking. A lot of people say to me omg you never wear the same thing twice!!. Well I really do but I always wear it differently. It got me thinking about rewearing. No matter what or who we are we all have to rewear our wardrobes we are not millionaires! And this is nothing new. Each season brings us fresh ideas that we may have forgot about from previous years so I decided to share a few of my rewears in the hope that it may inspire a few of you out there to rework, and rewear what you have in your wardrobe.

7EBA4DE2-4D28-48C1-898F-30A336E58750So here I am wearing a hm suit I got last year. (I’m pretty sure they have an almost identical version still available)

Outfit 2 old black trousers (We all have some black trousers), a basic cropped hoodie from primark, again last years but they always have these and they are only £4. Worn with the blazer.

Outfit 3 my trench coat (old newlook) you can pick these up everywhere right now. Same hoodie. Worn with the skirt, I  rolled the skirt at the waist just to shorten it a little, popped on my trusty old white ankle boots from Zara, that were the best present I ever got. (thanks cuz), and that’s another look.

A0A36F81-D2E7-4EBD-971C-4476A4A82487 Another option, These are from topshop £39. My previous blog post has a few more options you can check out if you don’t like these ones.

Outfit 4 I wore a primark tshirt and some mustard mules.

363993F3-31D5-4691-9BD7-F7DFFAB7BDCAThis rust coloured coatigan from Zara has been a favourite of mine for years. I feel like it will be in my wardrobe forever!. Also the orange trousers trousers from primark, they have a similar version instore now. I love the fit and comfort of these so I know I will also be wearing these year in year out and all seasons. I have worn both items together and seperatly to create different looks again with the same items.


Finally my all time favourite item my topshop red skirt I got in a Christmas sale for £15 I think maybe 5 years ago. I will never part with this I have worn this way more times than this but I’m not on instagram long enough to show you all. I love the pink and red combo this colour combo was featured on rissole from grease back in the day. And I have always loved it.


And this sweatshirt I have loved and worn and reworn and I will forever it’s from s&l clothing on instagram and it’s so versatile it can be worn glam,casual, what ever way you like it best. I just adore the Gucci vibe and again the Gucci colours, green and red will always be another favourite colour combo that I will wear forever.

Thanks for reading If you find blog posts like this helpful drop me a message and I will show you’s all some more xx


Checks & white ankle boots


Its officially time to rethink checks this season, with bold colours and large scale design, that bring a new age to the grunges classic print.

To me it screams 90s mixed with a little clueless vibe. Not my normal go to of the prints but I have to admit I kind of like it. As I have said before I do like to step out of my comfort zone and try things I wouldn’t normally. So when I seen this in primark I had to have it.

Light layers and accessories will help you bridge the gap between the hot and cold weather. So I paired it with a maxi cardigan and some white ankle boots.


Accessories are always my favourite thing I love how they transform your outfit.

This  dress would also look great with black tights as the weather gets colder. Or with an oversized hoodie and some vans.

But for now I will be wearing it with my white ankle boots from zara sale last year. These  little beauty’s are one of my best sale finds ever.


These are out of stock now so I have found a few more that are currently in stock.


1. Topshop

2. Newlook

3. Zara

4. Asos

My autumn look book

Week 1


I am so ready now for autumn, its my favourite season of all year. And one of the biggest trends to feature this year is animal print, any animal any print. Cow, snake leapoard zebra you name you will find it. And I will be wearing them all  I love print.


Outfit 1

Dress primark

Boots Miss selfridge

Belt Gucci

Bag Micheal Korrs

Jacket newlook

The dress I have on above I bought in pennys and it sold out in one day.  Its a beautiful dress with a side split featuring some asymmetric buttons. Buttons are also still a huge trend for autumn. I love how they add a little detail to your outfit.

Outfit 2

Mustard culottes pennys

Boots stradavarius

T-shirt zara

Biker jacket newlook

Bag Micheal korrs

Outfit 3

Jacket mango

Skirt Asos

T shirt topshop (hannah vail)

Belt Gucci

Boots stradavarius

Bag Micheal Korrs

Leopard print will heavily feature in all my outfits but red will also feature as its one of my absolute favourite  colours.

Bellamianta luxury tan range


I’m going to start with my most favourite product from the range the ultra dark self tanning mousse. This has been my holy grail this summer I’m currently at the end of my second bottle, I have worn this tan non stop. I always used liquid tans but gave this one a go and just fell in love with the rich olive shade,the mousse was a different texture for me and applied so easily and dried quickly. My tan lasts perfectly for 7-9 days then I remove it and apply a fresh layer and it’s always flawless. I love that one layer is enough to give you a dark shade.


Next up let’s talk liquid gold and omg this is actually liquid gold, I don’t think I have ever had as many dms about a tan as I did about this one, another tan that I will never stop using. Its so stunning! I even took it to Dubai with me in March to top myself up when I was out there.

Along with the skin perfecting instant tan which gives a flawless finish on your legs. I like to top up my tans on nights out with this just for a little extra coverage. I have a few imperfections on my legs that I don’t like and this works a treat, I nearly don’t even see them when I have this on. A few years ago I wouldn’t have dreamt of exposing my legs, even in summer I wore black tights. So to say I have come along way is an understatement but somthing I am very greatful for. And all down to great tanning products.


Lets talk crystal clear the scariest of the range because there is no guide colour. Once you pass the fear it’s so good! No body prints on your white bed sheets and no tan stains on your white garments. This is so good for wearing white and also a lovely shade of tan. I will be honest I was afraid of this. I still remember the disasters before guide colour was invented but I think over the years I have developed tanning skills so had no need to worry.

I have also tried the lotions in shade medium and dark. I loved both, it just depends on my mood and what I’m wearing. I think this summer I just loved the ultra dark but as we head in to autumn I will prob go back to liquid gold for a while and keep the ultra dark for my nights out.

bellamiamta tan is a completely clean formula. no parabens or harsh chemicals and no sulphates are included. There is no tan smell and all there products give a beautiful olive tone.

Shandon hotel and spa

So yesterday I had the honor of  attending the shandon hotel Spa. I had already been last year and had the best experience so could not wait to get back down.

Its in dunfanaghy Co Donegal which is about 40 minutes from letterkenny but very easy to get too, it’s such a  scenic drive making it such a pleasure to get to.

when we arrived at the Spa we were greeted by the salon manager who showed us round the Spa and showed us all the facilities. They have everything covered hairdresser, nail bar, thermal suite, relaxation rooms, treatment area, outdoor hot tub.

We started our day off with treatments I had some phi brows done in there new clinic that will be held once a month at the shandon. The clinic will be run by Leigh Fitzpatrick from natural touch Spa on Derrys pump street Leigh is highly skilled and has trained all over the world and closely with Kim o Sullivan from the Dublin makeup academy she not only has her own salon but runs clinics all over Ireland and has customers traveling miles just to get appointments with her. Her appointments are always limited so best to book well in advance.

(Before pictures)

I was delighted with my brows I could not get over how natural they look and how they transform my face.

we then had some reflexology and foot and leg massages. Best experience ever,I almost fell asleep the room is so relaxing and my therapist was just the best.

After treament we went to the relaxation room where you can have fruit and water tea or coffee and we had the most delicious lunch followed by processo and I’m not joking I have never tasted a nicer processo don’t know what kind it was but I will be finding out and stocking up.

Then  we spent some time relaxing in the thermal spa with delicious cocktails and a dip in the outdoor hot tub.

I honestly had the best day so relaxing and to be treated so well is just fabulous the staff at the shandon are a credit to the hotel nothing was a bother thankyou so much to all of you for the perfect day.



Bperfect carnival palette


My thoughts on the bperfect carnival palette. I always wore brown and I know I liked it, It was me, and it was safe. But if Im honest I wasn’t very excited about any of my makeup looks they were just always the same until now that is.

Experimenting with colour has been fabulous and exciting my favourite look was probably the pink. Here, I used wifey, funki, and sinner in the inner corner.

It was very daring but also very wearable. I’m not a makeup artist but I am very interested in makeup,and always have been. I have done many makeupcourses and still love Demos and watching YouTube or Stacey Marie’s live.

The blue and green were the colours I was most afraid of and I didn’t really want to try as I had already decided I didn’t like them. But I made myself try them when I was going to pro store opening , and I absolutely loved this look and would wear it again. it was very dramatic but as I was going to a makeup store opening I thought sure why not.


I love that you can adapt the palette to suit what ever look you want here is a softer look I created using shuffle, keen, queen, which is the mustard shade  it’s still soft and wearable but also colourful and below I have used rowdy, basic, hush again a very wearable look and not too heavy.

The colour pay off from every eyeshadow is so strong a little goes a long way and there is very little fallout this also allows you to create a look faster in my opionion which is always a winner for me I do not have time or patience to spend hours on my makeup. But I also like a glam eye look when I’m going out or to events.

My most used colour in the palette is basic it’s an all rounder I start every look with it

The colours I use daily are shuffle, rowdy, lit, guilty, hush and moony which I Keep using


This palette can do no wrong in my eyes I have used every single colour  and the highlighters. I know when new products like this come out it can be hard to know if you should believe the hype or not. when I first seen this palette I thought god it’s so lovely all them colours but it’s not for me I don’t wear colour how wrong was I. I honestly don’t know what I would do with out this palette now and I love that I’m no longer afraid of colour I’m glad that I stepped out of my comfort zone.

I would highly recommend buying this when it’s back in stock my favourite ever to use I don’t remember ever being this excited about eyeshadow.

Thanks for reading xx

How to dress for your height (5ft)

So if any of you ladies are 5ft like myself you’s may enjoy this blog post.

First thing I would say is forget all them rules you have ever been told they are all lies! I truly believe you can wear everything and anything, you just have to wear it your own way, and most of all you have to love it only you!!! no one else. Strictly speaking this dress shouldn’t work it’s a maxi which “petites should avoid” (wrong) its vertical stripes which is a big no no (wrong) and it has ruffles which will drown you (wrong) . I loved it it was cold shoulder but I left the ruffles under my arms, I added a belt to lift the length and a pair of medium heels and the black biker jacket pulled the outfit together. Thank god I don’t listen to rules. This dress is regular fit from primark.

I do shop a lot of petite ranges but I never rule out the regular.

My favourite petite range has to be topshop. The fit is perfect and the cut always spot on. But I do find topshop overpriced at times.

Asos is another winner for me a great range, probably the biggest selection to choose from. However the fit can come up small in some items. So I’m always ordereding a few sizes and returning.


Newlook is probably my least favourite. I adore newlook but the petite range is such a disappointment, it’s such a bad fit. So I stick with regular as I love it find it a great fit.

Now for a few of my tips that work for me. Regular trouser too long not a problem.B6CA486F-F2ED-4DFC-A354-6AF51CC7F9E1.jpeg

Simply roll them up this will look fine with sandles boots or shoes.


When your petite ruffles and sleeves can  drown you but not always. If you feel like they are I have two tricks. I always use hair bobbles to hold sleeves up at my elbow. I feel like the shorter sleeve pulls me in at the waist and keeps me more in poportion where as if my hands are covered I can look like I’m drowning.



With this dress I cut the bottom bell off which I liked much better but I also tucked it up later and wore it both ways


I don’t buy a lot of petite dresses if I’m honest I find them too short but here is two that I loved.


First is topshop great fit. And green is Asos, It was actually a boohoo petite dress again a really nice fit although I do feel they are short for me.


A few of my outfits and not one piece is petite never restrict your choices try everything and if it doesn’t work try it again tuck it, roll it, accessorize it, make it work for you.

Most importantly love it !!


Kildare village

If your staying in Ireland this summer Kildare village should be on your list of places to visit.

You can enjoy designer shopping for up to 60% off, Home to many luxury fashion stores.

when you arrive at the village you can call at the tourist information spot and pick up a map of the village to help you navagate the shops.

Or if your like me you can just get a picture in the stunning setting.

I really enjoyed my visit the shops offered great discounts you would not get anywhere else. There was also lovely restaurants, cafes and some quirky little pop ups selling ice creams and drinks.

The shops I purchased in where Levi’s unbelievable discounts in here I bought some T-shirt’s and a few other bits.

katespade I thought the prices in here again were fab.

All saints was my biggest purchase such a great discount on my boots I was delighted with them.

lulu Guinness was another favourite of mine and again amazing discounts.

Superdry for my husband he is not a fan of shops but was very impressed with the village and delighted with his purchases.

I have to give the flower walls a mention they just showcase the most beautiful backdrop. And the visual flower displays around the village are just breath taking making it all the more pleasurable to explore.

I definitely think Kildare village is a place to visit, I am already planning my next visit and I can’t wait.

Marriage games

D7D7991D-6613-42CE-89D8-E0FB43746524The first thing I noticed about this game was the high quality beautiful brightly coloured packaging and the quirky illustrations which I just loved,they were so fun. And the game in its self is also hilarious. We played as a couple but this could also be played with friends. It can be played by 2 or up to 8 people

The game it’s self is made up of mini games which helps you score points and there so much fun.

you have charades, associations, the what am I talking about, which is just hilarious and we had to move on because we laughed so much we were getting no where. Which also means I won that round (lol). Then we moved on to the we know each other round. I think this was my favourite round we know each other pretty well at this stage.

I have to say I really enjoyed playing this game I thought it was somthing different and lots of fun and I would highly recommend it I will definitely play this again and I hoping to play it with friends very soon


So last week I was invited into kular on ferryquay street to do an Instagram takeover and play dress up. I had so much  fun, and I was surprised how many nice things they had to offer.

The first outfit I choose was some Levi’s jeans and a t-shirt and long jacket and beautiful handbag. There range from Levi’s is pretty impressive I love T-shirt’s and they had a great selection, and great price at £25. They also had an amazing denim jacket that I Need in my life.

I have to say I fell in love with there handbag collection all designer dupes  and great prices ranging £20 – £30

There was a lot more in store and definitely worth checking out.

They also stock a lot of big brands like boss and guess I had to try on a few whilst I was there sure it would have been rude not to.


We then took a walk up the the next floor which is filled with footwear from converse to vans, heels, sandles and beautiful boots. I fell head over heels in love with a pair of black Ted Baker boots I can’t stop thinking about them they were amazing. But also the fabulous range of colours they have in the converse was incredible, not to mention the sandle collection.


I will definitely e poping in again next time I’m out shopping.

Thanks so much to kular for inviting me in you all made me feel so welcome your staff are so warm and welcoming and as always working with Erin is such a pleasure so talented and professional and always makes me feel at easy.