I visited natural touch spa on pump street.  A hidden gem in the heart of Derry city.

A01F97CA-FA9C-4E4F-8BEE-3163429F0C31Behind this door lays a luxurious spa, offering treatments to improve health, wellbeing, beauty and most of all relaxation. From the moment you walk in You are greeted by the beautiful aroma and and the soothing sounds. Not to mention the stunning decor.

I shared my spa day with the beautiful Natasha we both had Thalgo facials

Recently my skin has become very congested, like little lumps all along my contour and jaw line. And it has been driving me insane! I have tried so many skin care ranges and have loved them. But they are just not working for me right now to achieve the results that I would like which is glowing skin.

I explained all this to my therapist Leigh. Leigh is also the owner of  natural touch spa and is a highly skilled therapist. She advised me on the best course of action to achieve the results I want.



She used the Thalgo range it smelt and felt incredible. She explained each step and what it would do from the deep exfoliation to smooth the skin and allow optimum penetration of the active ingredients mainly the collagen which I just loved it went on cold which felt so soothing I actually could have slept.

As that was soaking in I had the most incredible shoulder, head and neck massage. And it was Devine I felt like I was floating.

As far as Monday’s go it was a great day and it also got me thinking about self care it comes in many forms it dosnt always have to be a Spa day but none the less it’s very important to make self care a priority and take some time out for your self to relax and today I most certainly did that it’s somthing I don’t do enough.

since getting the facial I have been so happy with my skin it’s glowing and the best it has been in a while I will definitely be getting this facial again and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

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